Every day hundred of women give testimonies of manipulation and abuses in which they are given no chance of actively participate in the decision-making in the important and personal process of pregnancy and labor. Women end up accepting and normalizing violence as the price they must pay to bring a child into the world.

This gender violence is called Obstetric Violence, and it takes place throughout the course of pregnancy care, delivery and postpartum. It is lived cross-sectionally in private or public health services, reflected in information manipulation, abuse or denial of medication, psychological and physical abusive practices and aggressively manipulation in low-risk births among others, resulting in serious physical and psychological damage in women and infants.

Questioning and reflecting the treatment that women and their babies receive in relation to their sexual and reproductive health and rights, is the foundation of this documentary project called SILENCIO. It reveals the experience of birth by Chilean, Peruvian, Bolivian and indigenous women in Chile.

This project wants to show the normalize practices of violence against women through an installation of big format portraits, photos and family videos with the audio of each women testimony. These will generates a photo-video-sound experience that will take the viewer to absorb the experience of each woman by three different devices. Finally this project will be in photo book with all women histories and photographs.